About Hyun Jung Kim

Kim studied sculpture for her BFA (1998) and MFA (2000) at Seoul National University. After graduation, she had her first solo exhibition at the KumSan Gallery in 2001. Kim has had exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Korea, including the YoungEun Contemporary Art Museum and WooDuck Gallery. In 2002, Kim moved to the United States and studied studio art at Montclair State University for her second MFA. Kim won the prestigious “Dean’s Artist/Scholar Graduate Award” of the College of Arts upon graduation. Since then, she has taught students at MSU for 9 years. Kim was invited to the 19th International Jewelry Art Symposium in 2007 where she collaborated with world renowned contemporary jewelry artists. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum Turnov, Czech Republic. Kim shows her works in the New York Metropolitan Area. She recently curated group exhibitions such as "Metal as a Medium" (2014), “Hanguel, about its Beauty”(2016) and has shown her featured work, crowns, at her solo exhibitions, “Decorated”(2015) and “Kings”(2016). In 2016, Kim was selected as an associate artist of Torpedo Factory Art Center in DC and has attended the Art Hampton (2016) , Singapore Contemporary(2017), Art Busan(2017) and Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2017 (2017) arts fairs to share her works with international art lovers and professionals.

Hyun Jung Kim
Tel: (201) 638-6800, hjkimchung@gmail.com, http://www.hjkimstudio.com
Solo Exhibitions
2018: Spiritual Sweetness, Redmango, Palisades Park, NJ
          One, Commons Gallery, Capital One Headquarter, Richmond, VA
2017:  Blind in Art- One, Woman's National Democratic club, Washington, DC
         Precious, Bethesda Marriot Hotel, MD
         She- Hyun Jung Kim, Tag Gallery Woman and Woman's History Month
         Featured Artist Show, Torpedo Factory Art Center, VA 
2016: KINGS, Space In Arts New York, NY
2015: Decorated, Invited Solo Exhibition, Nabi Museum of Arts, NJ
2008:  HYUN JUNG KIM, Mahwah Library, NJ
2004: blind in art, Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ
2001: The Combining of Negative Space and Liquid, Invited Solo Exhibition,
         KEUMSAN Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibitions
2017: Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2017, Conrad Hong Kong,
         Hong Kong
         Art Busan- International Art fair, Bexco, Busan, Korea
         'Arirang Korea’, Grater Waldorf Jaycees, MD
         The 10th Annual Jersey City Youth Art Award Invitational Art Exhibition,
Jersey City Hall, NJ
         Singapore Contemporary A World of Art, Suntec City, Singapore
         2017 Collections, Riverside Gallery, NJ
2016: Good Bye 2016, K&P Gallery, NY 
         Winter Festival, Torpedo Factory Art Center, VA
         Hanguel, about its Beauty, Self Curated Show, Korean American
         Cultural Arts Foundation, K&P Gallery, NY
         Korea Art & Soul, Lisner Auditorium, Gorge Washington University,   
         Washington D.C.
        Pratham NYC Gala, Waldorf Astoria, PRATHAM, NY
        Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, NY
        Seoul National University in the Great New York, Riverside Gallery, NJ
        Newly Juried Artists Exhibition, TFAC Associate, Target Gallery,
        Torpedo Factory Art Center, VA
2015: Mother, Blick Art Center, NJ
          ARTMORA, Coohaus Gallery, NY
2014: Prospecting 2015, Riverside Gallery, NJ
         Faculty show, 3.5 Gallery, Montclair, NJ
         Heart of Gold, Nabi Museum of Arts, NJ
         KPMG Auction, Nabi Museum of Arts, NJ
         International Talents, The Belskie Museum of Arts and Science, Closter, NJ
2013: Seoul National University of New York and New Jersey, Nahrah Gallery, NJ
2012: 2012 MSU Faculty Exhibition, George Segal Gallery, Montclair, NJ
         Metal as a Medium, Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, NJ
         - Self Curated Show
2011: Seoul National University of New York and New Jersey, Nahrah Gallery, NJ
2010: Window gallery, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ
         Open House, Newark Museum, NJ
2009: Alumni of 10 Exhibition, Nahrah gallery, NJ
         100 Foot Square Project, Newark Museum, NJ
2008: Seoul National University of New York and New Jersey, Nahrah Gallery, NJ
          Fashion stylist Sylvia Holden, NY
          Women Art NYC History ’08, Puck Building, NY
2007: Montclair in Manhattan, PPOW Gallery, NY
         Permanent Collection Exhibition, Museum Turnov, Czech Republic
         19th International Jewelry Art Symposium, Museum Turnov,
         Czech Republic
         Open House, Newark Museum, NJ
2006: Feminist Fashion Show, A.I.R. Gallery, NY
         Generations 5, A.I.R. Gallery, NY
2005: New York Open Studio, Long Island City, NY
         Amos Eno Biennale, AmosEno Gallery, NY
         Wish You Were Here IV- A.I.R. Benefit, A.I.R.Gallery, NY
         Fresh Meat / Young Blood,
         The Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts, NJ
         M.F.A. Graduate Exhibition, White Box Annex, NY
         McKinsey & Co, Florham Park, NJ
2004: 12& Under, AmosEno Gallery, NY
         Flush, Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ
2003: Unfold, JongRo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2002: Capturing Nine Colors, YoungEun Museum of Contemporary Art,
          Seoul Sculptor’s Society Group Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2001: Their Place Drawing Exhibition, Banpo Civic Center, Seoul
2000: Architectural Sculpture, Sculptural Architecture, WooDuk Gallery, Seoul
         A Dotted Line, MoIn Gallery, Seoul
         The Separated 15 Views, BackSang Memorial Center, Seoul
1999: M.F.A. Degree Show, Seoul National University Museum, Seoul
         Proclaim, Seoul National University Culture Center, Seoul
         K, Daehackro Culture Space, Seoul
1998: Proclaim, Seoul National University Culture Center, Seoul
2016: Hanguel, about its Beauty, Curatorial Statement, Korean American Cultural Arts Foundation, K&P Gallery, NY
2015: ' International Talents' Exhibition Preview, The Belskie Museum of Arts and Science
2012: ' Metal as a Medium' Curatorial Statement, Riverside Gallery
2001: ‘The Artist’s Note’, Art in Culture, August issue. P.116, Korea
2000: ‘Liquid- Combining of Negative Space and Liquid’, Exhibition Catalog,
          KEUMSAN Gallery
2000: MFA Thesis ‘A Study on the Mixing of Negative Space and Liquid’,
         Seoul National University
2016: “Kings” - I have a dream, Seoul National University Alumni Newspaper,
           USA, August
          The Korea Times Newspaper, NY, July 20
          Myung Joo Oh ‘Hyun Jung Kim Solo Exhibition’, Korea Daily Newspaper, 
            NY, July
          'Hyun Jung Kim’s Solo Exhibition’, Artslants.com, NY, July
          ‘Kings, I have a dream, Hyun Jung Kim Solo Exhibition, “Kings”
           - I have a dream’, Chelseamap.com, NYC, July
2015: Sung Oh, World Culture News Paper, August
          Kim So-Young, Korea Times, July 22
2012: Dan Bischoff, Star- Ledger Art Critic,
          'Montclair State University 2012 Faculty Exhibition'
2012: " Metal as a Medium", The Record Newspaper, NJ, June 21
2008: Rachel V. Katz, ‘Class Act’, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Dec.
2006: Emily Macel, ‘Blind in Art’, INS&OUTS Magazine, NY , Issue #4
2001: Park Soo-Mee, ‘With Fluid Style, Artist Finds Herself’,
         Herald International Tribune, Sept.5
2001: Name Do-Young, KUKMIN Newspaper, July 20
2001: Na Jong-Ha, SBS News, July 12
2001: HANKYUNG Newspaper, July 7
Scholarships and Awards
2016: Competition Winner, Hanguel, about its Beauty, Korean American Cultural Arts Foundation, K&P Gallery, NY
2015: Grant for Solo Exhibition, Nabi Museum of Arts, NJ
2014: Scholarship from Korean Government for "Online Training Program for the Teachers of Korean School", Seoul National Univ.; Seoul, Korea
2012: Grant for Curating "Metal as a Medium" Group Exhibition, Riverside gallery, NJ
2007: Grant for19th International Jewelry Art Symposium, Museum Turnov, Czech Republic
2005: Dean’s Scholar/ Artist Graduate Award, Montclair State University
2004 – 2005: Graduate Assistantship for Metal and Jewelry, Montclair State University
2004 – 2005: Scholarship, Summer Workshops, Peters Valley, NJ
2004: Nominee, Outstanding Student Award, International Sculpture Center
2001: Grant for Solo Exhibition, KEUMSAN Gallery, Seoul
1999 – 2001: Research Fellowship, Seoul National University Museum
1998 – 2000: Teaching Assistant Scholarship, Graduate School, Seoul National University
1998 – 2000: Art Scholarship, Graduate School, Seoul National University
1994 – 1998: Art Scholarship, Seoul National University
1994: Admission Scholarship, Seoul National University
‘Blind in art- Love’, 2018, United Nation, Permanen Mission of the Republic Korea, New York City
‘Blind in art-Love’, 2018, Capital One, Headquarter, Richmond, VA
‘Decorated mother’, 2007, Museum Korea, Seoul, Korea
‘Buddy’, 2007, Museum Turnov, Czech Republic
Private collections
Research Work
Mar. 2002 – May 2002: KIMCHONGYUNG Sculpture Museum, Seoul, Korea: Research for the Museum Foundation
Mar. 2000 – Dec. 2001: Seoul National University Museum, Division of Contemporary Art: Collection and Exhibition Research
Nov. 1999 – Mar. 2000: Seoul National University Museum, Division of Contemporary Art: Sculpture Collection Research
Volunteer Service
Apr. 2016 - Present: Korean American Cultural Arts Foundation, Chairman of Visual Art Committee
Dec. 2012: MILAL New York, Fundraising Exhibition for Disabled Children, Coordinator
Dec. 1999 – Feb. 2000: RODIN Gallery, Seoul, Exhibition Docent: ‘Koreans by Koreans: Portraits from Prehistory to Modern Times’
Mar. 1998-Sept. 1998: JANGAHRAM, Seoul, Teaching Art to Disabled Children
Teaching Experience
2010-2011: Graduate Committee for Montclair State University Graduate School, Montclair, New Jersey
Sep. 2006 - June 2016: Adjunct Professor, Montclair State University; Montclair, New Jersey
Sep. 2011- June 2015: Vice- Principal, Onnuree Korean School, Orangeburg, New York
March.2011- June 2011: Art Teacher, God’s will Church Korean School, Westwood, NJ
Mar. 2007 - June 2010: Arts Work Shop, Newark Museum, New Jersey
Sep. 2004 – May 2005: Graduate Assistant, Montclair State University; Montclair, NJ
Mar. 2005: M.F.A, Montclair State University; Montclair, New Jersey
Feb. 2000: M.F.A., Department of Sculpture, Seoul National University; Seoul, Korea
Feb. 1998: B.F.A., Department of Sculpture, College of Fine Art, Seoul National Univ.; Seoul, Korea
Non- Degree Education 
2014: The Certificate of Achievement "Online Training Program for the Teachers of Korean School", Seoul National Univ.; Seoul, Korea
Mar.2010: Computer Course (Rhino), Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY     
2004-2008: Etching(Suzanne Pugh), Container Making(Suzanne Pugh, Liza Nechamkin), Forging(Wayne Werner), Chasing(Liza Nechamkin), PMC(Chris Darway), Granulation(Duglas Harling), Peters Valley Craft Center, New Jersey
2000: Computer Courses(Photoshop Certificate, Illustrator Certificate), Bergen Community College, New Jersey
1999: Glass Cold Work, Glass Academy, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1996: Glass Basic Work, Glass Casting, Glass Blowing, Glass Slumping, Song Hee Glass House, Kyungkido, Korea
March- June 1994: Photography, YMCA Workshop, Seoul, Korea
June- Aug.1994:Enameling, with Enameling Artist Young Hee Kim, Seoul, Korea
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